For all YouTube creators:

It is possible to use any and all Zardonic music under the following conditions:

  1. The Zardonic logo must be placed in the beginning of the video credits, clearly readable in all video sizes, with the text "Music by Zardonic".
  2. The song(s) you use must be credited in the video description stating name of artist(s), track(s), and links to buy the track online where available. If you choose to use a track that is confirmed to be available for free legal download, a link to the download must be placed instead.
  3. The video cannot be monetized. For monetization inquiries, please use the contact form below.


record label
entertainment one music

jvc kenwood victor entertainment corporation

Rocktagon Worldwide music
james jeda (direct)

joe simmons (d.m. / t.m.)

lucky bob Music agency (rest of the world)

Cyber Groove Agency (us & Canada)

media and press inquiries
entertainment one music
bill meis